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you were right about the stars
each one is a setting sun
red, red, red leaves
on the wet pavement she perceives.
Behind her, unknowingly,
flowers frame her face like glasses.

She walks to classes,
passing fancies,
unaware, like the flowers,
of smouldering glances.

You and your absent attention,
your world stuck in spider-web suspension
see only the color of the sidewalk's leaves
reminding you of a childhood game you'd like to play again.

So in your weightless head
you ask the red rover
to send me running
full speed into your determined arms.

Music: Sufjan Stevens - Holland (despite the title of this poem)

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questions stacked like cities
each dissertation, an abandoned station on the way to some phrase
-like lines in plays,
free from the logical flaws of probable cause
so we might reach down like claws into bedrock.
-but even the most solid base
is floating in space.

How’s that for epistemology?
this subtle eulogy, will stick to you
for a minute or two
before you’re musing on some other stress
well, you’re a sinner at best
but more likely a thinker and
there’s nothing microcosmic about that.

All the day, I’ve been toying with the idea
of enjoying this schema;
opening a bottle of friends to fill with Hawkeye.
We’ll talk all night about horoscopes
and abhor the croaks in charge of life
laying out our morning suit and
verbal commute.

But here’s the punchline:
When the Atari grants your wishes,
it’s only time you’ll ask for.
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I think I'm finally settling into this life. Yesterday, the bus driver didn't need to see my pass because she recognizes me now, which was convenient as I fumbled through my pockets in the entrance way after sprinting to barely make it on. It's funny how I study better on the metro than anywhere else. I just wish all the commuters weren't so gloomy. I think there's something about commuting that makes us less human.

This morning on the way to the farmer's market, I listened to my first Sublime of the summer and thought, "Ya know, loving is what I got." The Newport Hills produce stand is great. I think I'll work there next summer. How great would it be to be surrounded by fresh produce everyday? Sample dialogue between customer and worker:
Customer - "Hey Chuck, those pineapples any good?"
Employee (smiles devilishly) - "Oh you'll like 'em."
Customer nods thoughtfully then leaves the line to go get a pineapple.

Yeah, I think getting excited about produce is definitely something I should be paid to do.
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Well, it looks like Bush chose his new justice already, and from what I hear he'll go straight through congress, no problem...

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Music: The New Pornographers - Mass Romantic

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In case you haven't heard.

It looks like my brother's name will be
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Music: Fruit Bats

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Well, I have returned to Washington via automobile, namely an RV with my parents. It was 5 long days from Ohio* to Bellevue. We had laughs, we had tears, Nebraska is a shithole**. Luckily for all of you, the journey has been documented with the magic of digital photography!***

*My purpose for being in Ohio will be covered in a later entry.
**though not as shitty as Wyoming.
***not really magic.

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Music: A.C. Newman

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Please Note: KDIC is shutting down for the semester. There shall be no more Josh, Anand, and Sometimes Kyle Show untill next year. I guess you'll have to get yourselves up in the morning.
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Oh man, looks like I'm gonna have to break up with modest mouse. Float On is on Kidz Bop. Yeah, that's right, it was rerecorded with kids singing. Check it out, it's pretty amazing: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0007CNY6S/ref=m_art_li_1/104-8739386-8150349?v=glance&s=music

But ya know who I'm not breaking up with?*
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*I'll give you a hint: it involves firemen.

Music: Kidz Bop - Float On

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You may have seen these robots at the Grinnell vs. Beloit basketball game (or on ESPN at said game). You are advised to avoid any and all contact with these machines. They are not as amiable as they appear. They are revolutionaries! These very robots are looking to overthrown human society. Consider yourself warned!

sighting 1

sighting 2

These images provided by the Grinnell Anti-Robot Society. Turn them off before they turn on you!
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This is the single greatest website in history. Like, fucking seriously.


I'm feeling: wiggity wiggity wack
Music: Kris Kross - I Missed the Bus

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And for those of you who aren't fortunate enough to live within a 10 foot radius of grinnell college you can listen online!
...but seeing as how most of you who aren't from grinnell are from the west coast, I doubt a lot of people will be getting up at 5am to check it out.

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Next thursday's show is dedicated to academic buzzwords. Tune in for some erudite discourse!
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Music: Mirah - Light The Match

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FORT HOOD, Texas — A lawyer for Charles Graner, accused of being a ringleader in the Iraq prisoner-abuse scandal, yesterday compared piling naked prisoners into pyramids to cheerleader shows, and said leashing inmates was also acceptable prisoner control.

"Don't cheerleaders all over America form pyramids six to eight times a year? Is that torture?"
-The Seattle Times (1/11/05)

He went on to say that for a dominatrix it is perfectly acceptable to tie-up and blind fold people then beat them untill they perform sexual acts and urinate on themselves. Is that torture?

if you wanna feel sick, check out the whole story http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2002147574_abughraib11.html
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Annie and I with an EGYPT THEME!!!

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Music: the 'Kenny from Magic Photos' theme song

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these things are so fucking stupid is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Is all our passion proportionate
to how fortunate
we forget
we are?

The proposition laid before us
boldly implores us
to seek

And we, the fed labor
dread the day where
our shackles fall
and we have nothing at all.

Our names are spelt with cars
and clothes and gold stars
for exemplary

But even without our appliances
we place our selves
in gym abs
and calves.

So you can be your wallet
or whatever you call it;
be your body

But all these things are temporary
and will grow weary
then what will
you have?

The bourgeoisie
would love to see
you struggling to be
an ad on TV.

However, they’re busy
growing their Trusts
in God
and valuing the values
they created for you.

So unless your soul is a contortionist
you’d do well to abort this
shrinking cage/
empty stage.

you transcend the plot
running tangential
to the dynastic

Your identity is a narrative
without props
or a set
so when the curtain drops
you dance an endless encore.

You laugh at the jokes
that Capital evokes,
the same actor
despite costume changes
while your character ranges
in attire but not the ability
to inspire.

So your passion can run parallel
to the fortune you feel
because goddamnit
every moment is real.
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...was interesting. I'll say right off that the show was funny. The veterans knew what they were doing. The new kids were enthusiastic. But seriously, worst audience I've ever ever seen. In my three years of drama no crowd compared to that. They were loud, offensive, and ruthless. At one point the back row was so rude to Anastasia that she just sorta gave up and walked off stage.
It was good for me though. It made me realize how much in my reminiscing of high school I've overlooked the shitty parts. I mean, things were pretty good for me senior year but the high school environment was still disgusting. People are so ignorant and self-centered. They're open to nothing and critical of all. And of course, in high school, we're trapped. We have little social mobility and the option to quit comes with an open-ended threat of failure as a person.
I can't wait to return to my liberal cocoon of intellectualism. But that's exactly the problem. College is a shelter. Is it really preparing me for life? If high school is a more accurate barometer of society, then I'm very worried.
But I believe that wherever I go, in spite of the assholes, there will always be passionate, caring people. And thoughtful people will seek each other out. No matter what the setting, we can band together and forge our piece of happiness, and together we'll worry about the idiots.
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